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  • Artificial Grass Fence Covering in Sports Fields and Around Them

    Would you like to give a natural look to the area you want and to ensure your own safety? Then artificial grass fence or artificial grass fence covering with Fence Grass quality is just for you! Working with you from the beginning to the end of the process, we are also planning an artificial grass fence cost that is suitable for you according to your budget and preference.

    What are Artificial Grass Fence and Artificial Grass Fence Covering?

    1- Artificial Grass Fence

    Artificial grass fence is formed as a result of covering or combining stainless, non-oxidizing or galvanized panel fence systems with a special PVC synthetic grass. Thus, the structure becomes both very durable and robust. Grass fence panels are resistant to burning, fading or other wear and tear. Another important feature is that they can be easily cleaned. It is used for many places and it provides security. It consists of thin PVC artificial grass and does not spread flame. It has many advantages. We may list them as follows;

    • It is resistant to external factors.
    • It gives the appearance of a natural environment by giving your wall the appearance of covered with grass from the outside.
    • Since the inner surface of the grass consists of a 40×40 square profile sheet, it is definitely not allowed to pass people, animals, etc. to the other side of the wall.
    • It has a tight structure and does not show the back much.
    • It is available for other colours also as well as green ( with certain price differences ).

    2- Artificial Grass Fence Covering


    Artificial grass fence covering is not a product. Because it is applied on top of an existing product. It can be used in many areas with its durability and aesthetic appearance. Artificial grass fence covering, which is especially preferred outdoors, can be applied on existing wire mesh, wall surface or poles. It has many advantages:

    • It is not a troublesome product as it does not require you to constantly maintain.
    • It is a product resistant to sunlight.
    • It can be used for years without fading in color.
    • It is a product suitable for all seasons. It is not affected by hot weather in summer and cold weather in winter.
    • It is very easy to clean.
    • It does not burn easily when in contact with fire.

    Usage Areas of Artificial Grass Fence Covering

    As we mentioned above, artificial grass fence or grass fence covering can be used for decorative or security purposes. It is such a useful covering that it can be used for many places, also:

    • Parks and gardens
    • Roadsides
    • Sites
    • Villas and their surroundings
    • Industrial zones
    • Land
    • Sports fields
    • Pool facades

    Is Artificial Grass Fence Covering Used in Sports Fields?


    Absolutely, yes! Grass-based products in general have always been used for fields or areas where sports activities are held. And it is still one of the most used areas of artificial grass and artificial coverings. Artificial grass fence covering brings the naturalness of green to the environment you are in, while excluding visibility from the inside out. With the security it offers, it prevents the prying eyes from bothering you and the unwanted entities. For these reasons, it is suitable for sports fields, also. For example; let’s say you have a pool in your garden and you don’t want to be seen from the outside. Then the thing that you should do is to select the appropriate grass fence for you. You can be more relaxed in your garden and you can enjoy the natural area that you have created with artificial grass fence covering. Let’s say you are a manager in a sports club and your athletes want a place where they can feel free. So, our advice to you will be consulting to our company. We may choose the material and colour together and our experienced team may explain all of the details to you. If we meet on a common decision, our team will come to your place and examine it. Then they will inform you about the artificial grass fence cost considering your budget and preferences.

    Fence Grass and Artificial Grass Fence

    As Fence Grass, we are ready to create your own heaven in your sports fields. You may contact us from our contact addresses or you may visit our offices. We would be so happy to offer you the best quality at home and abroad.  Please, stay in touch with us! Follow us from our pages!

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