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  • Installation of Artificial Grass Hedge

    While adding visual value to the area where it is applied, artificial grass hedge is also used for security purposes. It can be used for cafes and restaurants, roadsides, parks and all environmental arrangements. With the decorative artificial grass hedge wall by Integral Spor, one of the leading grass hedge manufacturers, you can create stylishly decorated fence partitions indoors and outdoors (such as artificial hedges for outdoors and artificial hedges for balcony).

    The grass used on the stainless wire is specially produced from PVC material. Thanks to this feature, it doesn’t cause flaming, fading, deterioration and shedding. Artificial hedge wall is a product which has the features of being washable and not to be painted. It can be installed in the desired size and shape.

    By using grass wall panels, you can cover all kinds of wire, building facades and walls with grass. We are here to serve you the best!

    Why Should You Use Grass Hedge?

    artificial grass hedge wall

    As a result of the development of technology and innovations in architectural fields, many decorative products have entered our lives. As one of these decorative products, artificial hedge fences, which we have encountered frequently in recent years, provides you with many advantages for use. We may list these advantages as follows;

    • Artificial hedge fence is a tightly woven product. For this reason, when you surround the garden and detached houses with this product, you can prevent the inside from being seen.
    • You can prevent animals such as cats and dogs from entering your garden.
    • Grass hedge is very easy to install and use. Because it does not require you to constantly maintain.
    • It is a product resistant to sunlight. It can be used for years without fading in color.
    • It is a product suitable for all seasons.
    • It is very easy to clean.
    • It does not burn easily when in contact with fire. This is one of the most important features of the product that increases its usage area.
    • The fact that you can order this product in the colors you want is one of the advantages it offers.
    • It adds a stylish look to the environments where it is applied.

    How Is Artifical Grass Hedge Installed?

    Grass hedge installation consists of some steps to be taken. For example; for artificial hedge panels, first the required measurements are taken in the installation area. The height and width of the fence panels preferred in the decoration area are determined as a result of the area exploration. The customer may have tall artificial hedges or short ones. Then, the customer is informed about the process. After that, the grass hedge in the appropriate size for the area to be processed is prepared from the material and color chosen by the customer. Finally, grass hedge installation starts and the customer is informed about what to do and what not to do after the process.

    Moreover, different accessories can be used for carefully prepared fence panels. Poles made of metal material may not be used for the artificial grass wall. Special poles and connection equipment may be needed for artificial hedges for outdoors. The pole colors used in the specially prepared grass fence panels are compatible with the grass hedge. It is necessary to use quality materials for installation.

    Is Security Camera Installation Possible with Grass Fence?

    The main purpose of artificial grass hedge systems or artificial hedge roll is security. But it also creates suitable space for additional security systems. Additional poles are installed to place a security camera in the area you want to install. Grass hedges have a camouflaging feature in this sense.

    What Are Grass Fence Colors?

    artificial hedge

    Grass hedge colors can be in desired colors in accordance with today’s trends. Grass fence systems or pole colors, which is mostly produced green with its natural appearance, can be changed according to demand. Generally, green color is dominant in the landscape area. The reason for this is the idea of creating a natural space despite concretization.

    How to Maintain Grass Hedge Fence?

    It does not require any special maintenance in the area after the grass fence installation. But if you want to clean it, you should be careful not to clean it with chemicals. The artificial grass hedge may be affected by chemicals and it can be worn out.

    Articial Grass Hedge Prices

    There are some factors that affect grass hedge prices. The length, height and thickness of PVC grass hedges are among the determining factors in determining grass hedge prices. The characteristics of the wires also affect the grass hedge prices.

    For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible. As Integral Spor, we are here to serve you best.

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