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  • What is Artificial Grass Wall Panel

    Artificial grass wall panels is an application to give your home, workplace, or cafe a natural look. Sometimes artificial grass wall applications are made in order to ensure the safety of your garden and sometimes to give your garden an aesthetic appearance. We export artificial grass panels all over the world, whether retail or wholesale. We are not only exporting these products but also installing our products in a short time by our expert staff.

    Faux grass wall panels are frequently preferred due to their decorative, robust, and durable structure. This product, which is a combination of grass and fence, beautifies your space by creating decorative partitions indoors and outdoors. Panels made of special PVC material are applied on a stainless wire or fence.

    Artificial Grass Wall Panels Features

    Artificial grass wall panels are made of PVC, resistant to UV rays, in the form of grass with a density of 1.5 g/cm³, a breaking elongation of 5 to 8%, an impact resistance of 10 to 30, an operating temperature of 60 °C – 80 °C, consisting of double-wrapped wire of approximately 1.5 mm thickness.

    artificial-grass-wall -decor

    • It does not burn, fade, deteriorate or spill.
    • It does resistant to external impacts, impacts, and fires.
    • It does not get wet, does not leave bad odors, and does not deteriorate in color under 4-season climatic conditions.
    • It does durable, economical and made of environmentally friendly materials.

    Fence Grass continues to sell more grass wall panels in the last ten years, with the advantages it offers to its customers. We create artificial grass walls in line with the requests of our customers who share their area information and measurements with us, and we do the assembly process easier.

    Artificial Grass Wall Panels Installation

    A grass fence is used as a support element on the wire mesh wall surface in panels without a support element. In panels with support elements, the grass fence covering material is mounted on the support element with the appropriate apparatus. Thanks to this application, the user can easily separate the grass coverings from the panel. Artificial grass wall panels provide a double-sided advantage by being used as both a grass fence and a grass wall.

    Artificial Grass Wall Panels Usage Areas

    Artificial grass wall panels are used indoor and outdoor.

    • Surroundings of the site or villas,
    • When determining the boundaries of schools, hospitals, or private institutions,
    • On highways and pedestrian roads,
    • On the borderlines of military and industrial establishments,
    • When surrounding sports facilities,
    • It is used on pool facades.

    Grass Wall Panels Usage Purposes

    artificial-grass-wall -decor

    Artificial grass panels are generally used for 3 purposes as indoor, outdoor and decorative.

    1. Indoor

    Grass wall panels have been used a lot lately to attract more attention from customers in indoor workplaces, hotels, or restaurants and to create a special perception indoors.

    2. Outdoor

    Artificial grass panels are mostly used outdoors. With these panels, ensuring security and protecting borders is an important factor. It is also frequently used in places such as garden gates, garage doors, or garbage containers.

    3. Decoration

    Grass wall panels activate the visual perception by making the visible areas green. While sitting with friends and chatting nicely, we can fall under the spell of greenery. Decorative exterior panels have become very popular in recent years.

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, people were under a lot of stress and as a result, a calm and peaceful life was needed. Fence Grass assures us how to support these issues. With the garden grass wall panels cheap proposal, we think that we can improve our psychology and find peace.

    Artificial grass wall decor is sometimes made to increase visuality and sometimes to provide privacy. Transforming your gloomy walls into decorative beauty is not difficult with Fence Grass. In certain areas, we can make your exterior walls a very eye-catching and very beautiful decorative image with colorful flowers and artificial cheap grass.

    If you want to have high-quality and decorative garden grass fence panels, you can contact us immediately and visit our web page: for detailed information. You can learn about detailed price information, installation phase, and process from Fence Grass, the leading domestic and international garden grass fence manufacturer.

    For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.



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