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  • Best Decorative Garden Fence Panels

    COVID-19, workload, stress and the need for a quiet and peaceful life… We all often suffer from the same problems. However, Hamle Fence has a suggestion to overcome these problems and make our psychology a little bit better: garden fence panels. If you want to create a green, natural and peaceful area for you and for your loved ones, you may say “yes” to this product by getting service and support from Hamle Fence.

    Garden Fence Panels

    Decorative garden fencing is created by applying the product on galvanized wires and it is the product in the image of green grass, which are used for panel purposes in many areas. It has been frequently preferred in recent years in terms of providing decorative, stylish, safety and aesthetics. Even though it is produced in widths of 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm and 200cm, the widths may be changed according to customers’ preferences.


    Grass panels, which are the most decorative form of the wall application preferred in terms of providing security or providing privacy, are artificial walls made of PVC material that is resistant to the sun. Additionally, it is a very advantageous product. People tend to have this product in order to surround their houses and gardens with a wall to give a detached atmosphere, sometimes to increase the visually or to restrict the area that can be seen from the outside and provide a certain amount of privacy. In that way, it is much better than concrete walls which have such a gloomy and disturbing appearance. In short, we may say that by ensuring specific goals, decorative garden fence panels also help to give a pleasant and decorative appearance to both the home and the environment in general, with a pleasant visually.

    Why Should You Prefer Grass Fence Panels for Your Garden?

    Since the grass used in the fence panels is synthetic grass, it does not require any kind of maintenance and it is extremely durable against almost every natural phenomenon. Therefore, you won’t encounter any bad results. Garden border fence is a product that combines three components: privacy, security and aesthetics. In addition to preventing the inside area from being seen from the outside, it also prevents the entry of unwanted substances or foreign animals into your garden. In this way, both your garden, your children and your pets will be protected.

    Advantages of Garden Fence Panels

    Border fence panels offer many advantages for those who want to install grass fences for their gardens.  We may list these specific advantages as follows:

    • You may use the product for a long time. So, it is an economical product.
    • It is extremely resistant to wear and fading. It does not wear and tear over time.
    • It has a structure suitable for all seasons. It is not affected by adverse weather conditions.
    • It has different color options. You may choose whichever color you want but green is recommended for a natural look.
    • In addition to creating a decorative area, it also meets the need for security.
    • You may clean it very easily. But it is not recommended to use chemical-based materials for cleaning.

    Hamle Fence and Garden Fence Panels


    If you also want to have quality decorative garden fence panels, you may contact us immediately or take a look at our website. If you wish, you can fill out the form below and create a request. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible and forward your requests to us. In that way, you will be able to get accurate information about prices, installation process and other details from Hamle Fence, which is a leading garden fence manufacturer at home and abroad.


    • I searched for garden fence ideas and I have decided to get a garden fence panel. Because I want to make a difference in my garden but how can I know if the product I will have made is of good quality or not?

    The quality of garden fence panels derives from the materials it is produced from. The grass fence types applied in our company are made of PVC materials that are resistant to sunlight. In this way, it can be produced outside, to be exposed to direct sunlight and it doesn’t cause any problem. In addition, its quality can be understood from the color that doesn’t fade

    • How many years can I use garden fence panels?

    Grass fences have a very long service life. The minimum life of a quality grass fence panel is 10 years. Artificial grass fences are UV protected products and they are resistant to sun rays and ultraviolet rays.

    • Does the grass fence catch fire?

    Grass fences are products made of PVC, which is very strong and durable against sunlight in general. It goes through many processes and thus gains its durability. These fences are produced from galvanized dense wires. So, it is non-flammable.

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