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  • Build Garden with a Fake Grass Fence

    While your children want to run, have fun and feel their childhood, do you want to create a safe and comfortable garden for them? So don’t be late to meet Hamle Fence and have fun with your kids as if you were a kid, also.

    Fake Grass Fence

    Fake grass fence has an easy-to-clean, durable and robust structure. For this reason, it has become one of the most preferred fence systems. It also can be used in many usage areas and it offers many advantages. These fence models, which have different installation methods according to their usage areas, are frequently preferred especially in decoration and landscaping. However, in recent years, its use for playgrounds has become quite common.

    Usage Areas of Grass Fence


    As we mentioned above, fake grass fence covering has a very wide usage area.  It can be applied to both concrete and soil floors and is preferred because of its natural appearance. We can list the most preferred areas of this fence system as follows:

    • In sports fields,
    • In buildings for decorative purposes,
    • Around the villa,
    • Within the site,
    • In playgrounds,
    • In the gardens,
    • Around the pool,
    • In various landscape areas,
    • In cafe and restaurant decorations etc.

    You can also choose these artificial hedge panels, which can be used almost everywhere thanks to their aesthetic, modern, stylish and decorative appearance, to create security.

    Advantages and Features of Grass Fence

    Thanks to the high UV additive contained in it, fake grass fence wall has a structure that is extremely resistant to the harmful rays of the sun. Its color does not fade and does not wear out and this feature allows it to have a long-lasting use. In addition to these, grass fences are not only resistant to sun rays, but also extremely resistant to all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

    We can list all the other features of grass fences as follows:

    • Artificial hedge fence is reusable. Therefore, it is an economical product.
    • It is extremely resistant to wear and fading.
    • It has a structure suitable for all seasons. It is not affected by harsh weather conditions.
    • The shading frequency is high, so it hides the field of view and creates a privacy area. In addition to being decorative, it is also very effective for separating space.
    • It has different color options, but generally green is recommended for a natural look.
    • It is an extremely suitable product for indoor and outdoor landscaping. It is often preferred to achieve a stylish and aesthetic appearance in gardens.
    • In addition to creating a decorative and aesthetic appearance, it can also be preferred to meet the need for security.
    • Grass fence wall is an easy-to-clean product.

    Grass Fence Prices


    Fake grass fence covering cost varies depending on the quality of the material to be used, its dimensions and several different factors. You may visit our homepage right away to meet the quality of Hamle Fence, to examine the grass fence and to take a look at all other products. If you think of new grass fence ideas, we may offer you the best quality grass fence panels with our experienced team, disciplined business approach and fast installation process.

    Fake Grass Fence by Hamle Fence

    In addition to our quality service, we also export our high-quality products and services to the entire world. As being one of the leading fake grass fence manufacturers in the world, we are with you wherever you are. You may take advantage of our special wholesale discounts, also.

    For detailed information about fake grass fence covering and get free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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