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  • Beautify Your Walls with the Fake Grass Wall Service

    It is obvious that the investments you make in the garden of your home increase the value of your home. At the entrance of the garden, the first places that catch your eye and welcome you are the garden walls. The better these walls are cared for and landscaped, the better your garden will look. At this point, it is possible to do this using a fake grass wall. You can design the wall grass according to your garden, decorate it with colorful flowers, and make it decorative for your garden.

    Fake grass wall has been used frequently in recent times, as it does not require any maintenance such as fertilization, pruning, or irrigation and is long-lasting. The green color of the wall grass provides a natural harmony with your garden, while resting your soul, you also ensure the safety of the garden.

    Fake grass wall products were produced long years ago and their use has increased with increasing demand. The Hamle Fence has been selling and installing this product for many years. To beautify your garden, trees in your garden, grass on the ground, and colorful flowers can beautify your garden but using a fake grass wall outdoor to make it a more decorative garden allows you to get a perfect image. It even draws your garden boundaries while maintaining your security and privacy.

    Fake grass wall panels are frequently preferred these days with their solid and durable structure and decorative appearance. It is produced from special PVC material and applied on artificial grass stainless wire. It adds a different atmosphere to the space by creating aesthetic partitions indoors and outdoors, creating borders in the garden of your site and villas.

    How Can You Ensure the Installation of Fake Grass Wall Panels?

    Although fake grass wall panels draw boundaries for the space, the main purpose of the use is to create decorative areas. It’s up to you to get rid of boring walls and dreary barbed wire and replace them with an aesthetic look. The Hamle Fence installs fake grass wall panels in line with your wishes and thanks to this, it adds elegance to your space. You can easily use fake grass wall panels in the garden of your home, work, cafe, or office, on your balconies and terraces, and even in museums.

    Whether it is a fake grass wall indoor or a fake grass wall outdoor, we realize your projects, which you produce in line with your dreams, according to your requests, with great care. You can provide all kinds of technical information and support from our website:

    Where to Buy the Cheapest Artificial Grass Panel?

    After installing the fake grass wall panels, it does not require any maintenance cost, so it will save you in the long run. Fake grass on wall does not fade or die like natural grass. It does not require maintenance costs such as irrigation, pruning or fertilization as in natural grass. Our company performs professionally cheap grass wall installation for you. The most important, our company will always continue to provide you with a professional service with its expert team, guaranteeing your happiness and satisfaction in the long run.

    How Many Years Your Fake Grass Wall Panels Have a Guarantee?


    Our fake grass wall panels have at least a 10-year guarantee.

    Our fake grass wall panels, which remain green for all four seasons, are produced from UV light-protected material, so they are not affected by the sun’s rays and do not fade. It is also resistant to wear or corrosion. In the event of a fire, it is resistant to such disasters, as the special coating is made of non-combustible material. Our products are in compliance with and approved by TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) standards.

    As Hamle Fence, we export grass fences to the Middle East and Europe. Thanks to our branches located here, we perform both the installation and assembly of the grass fence. Since our grass wall panels are strong and durable, there is no need for extra covering material.

    For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below.  You can visit our website and you can ask our expert team to help you.


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