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  • Most Modern Garden Fence Manufacturers

    Do you care about comfort, appearance and modern design? What if we told you that these three features come together in a single product? Yes, this is possible! Thanks to Fence Grass and its products, you can make these three wishes come true at the same time.

    We are one of the leading garden fence manufacturers at home and abroad. Being open to garden fence ideas, we are advancing our products day by day. If you want to get garden fence panels, we would be so happy to offer you best!

    Aesthetic Grass Garden Fence

    In our company, electrostatic stainless two wires are made by compressing and knitting them with our special machines. These decorative garden fence panels can be produced with the features you want. Grass fence is a product with modern design that provides decorative and security that you can easily apply on existing walls or fences. If you wish, you may request for the product to be installed by Fence Grass teams. The product can be offered for sale in rolls by our company. You can apply by yourselves, also. You may put it on your existing fences or on your walls. But we recommend you get the installation service from our company in order to have a long-lasting product.

    Grass garden fences, which are among the most demanded wire fence product groups, are frequently used in cafes, interiors of shopping malls, and interior areas of businesses. But the other purpose of it is providing security for your garden, also. They also create a nice atmosphere in your home.

    Thanks to our special productions, you may have garden fences in the colors you want. They also can be produced in the lengths and heights you want with our special machines in our factory. Thanks to our grass garden fences, which are made of quality materials that you can use for application areas without any problems, you and your family will experience a comfortable environment and ambiance. If you are open to different garden fence ideas, it is time to get connected to us!

    Modern Fence Types

    artificial hedge

    Even if we mostly have mentioned grass garden fences, there are other types of garden fences. If you wish you may have this service, also. But as Fence Grass, we kindly invite you to have grass fence service in order to get a more natural and comfortable product.

    – Concrete Fence

    When we say exterior concrete fence, it is not a huge and imposing structure, on the contrary! It is a structure made of concrete slabs that should come to mind. These plates make it easy to create a customized fence that best suits the constraints of the terrain and the space available. The main advantage of the concrete fence is that the slabs have an optimal strength, which allows them to withstand impacts, bad weather, frost and heat. Concrete fence does not require special care and attracts buyers with its low prices.

    – PVC Fence

    Lightweight, super aesthetic and versatile, PVC outdoor fence is a reliable companion for your outdoor space. The PVC model turns out to be the perfect solution to protect yourself from prying eyes and protect yourself from the gusts of wind. Exterior PVC fencing usually consists of assembled elements laid horizontally or vertically. Depending on the preferred style, the model can also be equipped with fixing profiles, sliders, connecting rails, battens, etc. It may contain. Available as a kit in stores, a PVC fence is very easy to install. Super aesthetic, the fence adds to the exterior decoration, enriching the property. It is not easily deformed or broken. Insensitive to UV and frost, it promises to make life easier for its owners. It is also very easy to clean compared to other materials.

    – Grass Fence


    The other type of garden fence panels is grass fence which we recommend to us. As a leading company of fencing suppliers, Fence Grass family wants you to have a lush, comfortable and modern garden. For this reason, we work with many regions and we complete garden fence processes successfully there such as Ireland, Dublin, the UK etc. As our garden fence panels are advantageous, we aim to be the best company in the field of decorative garden fence panels. You are kindly invited to get further information about this product and start to have nice memories in these lush places!

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