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  • Grass Fence Covering Service with Hamle Fence

    Grass fence covering; It is an extremely ergonomic covering process used on garden walls, cafe walls, restaurant walls, container garbage, parks, roofs, shopping malls. Also known as artificial wall grass. Grass fence is used in most of today’s landscape applications. Grass fence is the most popular option, especially for garden landscaping. Considering the sales rates of fence types in recent years, it is possible to see that the sales rates of grass fences have increased much more than other fences. Grass fence is the fence panels used for both security and decorative purposes for home gardens located between modern fence systems. Grass fences are fence systems produced with new technology. They are the latest technology fence systems produced using artificial grass. The reason why artificial turf is used in production is that it is a very durable and visually very common material. With grass fences, you can surround your home and have a visual feast. Grass fence has been attracting a lot of attention lately, thanks to its many features. The use of grass fence panels continues to increase day by day. Situations such as the change in decor trends and the increase in the importance given to the landscape have made grass fences more popular. They have become structures that we draw our attention to and look at over and over again while walking on the streets.

    Features of Artificial Grass Fence Covering


    It is UV protected and PVC coated. Grass fence wires are double-wound and durable. They are not affected by the humidity of the air and have the feature of reducing the humidity. It is a durable and light, fire resistant, long-lasting, economical, environmentally friendly product. Therefore, it is quite common in terms of environmental decoration and privacy. Considering the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, grass fences are definitely an environmentally friendly product. Although this issue may seem simple, it is of great importance for human health. After grass fence covering process do not allow the inside to be seen from the outside. It is produced for this purpose. It is one of the rare products that responds positively to customer needs. It can be easily applied as a support to wire mesh fences and wall surfaces.

    Today, people attach great importance to visually. Real estate corporate companies gain a visual advantage by covering their buildings with panel grass fences. For this reason, the grass fence panel has recently become one of the most preferred landscaping systems. managed to overcome. Grass fence is a building material used in many areas. Real grass is not very easy to grow, requires maintenance and is difficult to maintain. Decorative grass is maintenance free and does not grow like real. Decorative grass panels will appear in more and more shapes and places day by day. Grass fence wire has become an indispensable option, especially for places where privacy, aesthetics and security are desired.

    When grass wire mesh is mentioned, the combination of two different products actually comes to mind; wire mesh and artificial turf. In fact, wire mesh systems have already been preferred for security purposes for years. With the addition of artificial turf systems, which have developed well in recent years and whose popularity has increased considerably, a new product called grass fence panel or fence turf has emerged. There is nothing missing from other fence panels in terms of security. Razor wire can be applied on it. A camera can also be added. There is no limitation on the grass fence in these matters. It has only one difference. This difference is; is the appearance. Being recyclable gives great importance to fence lawns. The most important feature of recyclable materials is that they can be reused. However, when recycling is mentioned, there is a conversion stage. However, there is no need to do any action for reuse.

    The most important feature of grass walls or grass fence panels Its feature is that they can be easily disassembled and mounted, so that they can be reused in different places.

    Grass fence panels are an extremely durable and long-lasting fence. If used and maintained correctly, they have a lifespan of at least 10 years. Therefore, grass fence panels are an environmentally friendly product due to their long usage time and being reusable.

    Advantages of Grass Fences


    • Being suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions is one of its biggest advantages.
    • It is durable, can be used for a long time.
    • It has an easy-to-clean feature.
    • You can wash the artificial turf wall, but since artificial turf is a petroleum-based product, we do not recommend using chemicals for cleaning. You can clean it with more natural cleaning materials that do not contain chemicals.
    • Thanks to the grass fence roller, you can paint it the color you want and decorate it with the patterns you want.
    • It has aesthetic, modern, stylish appearance.
    • It is extremely reliable as it is produced from raw materials.
    • It is highly resistant to heat, does not fade in sunlight and does not change color.
    • It does not cause any spillage in rainy weather and winds.
    • It can be applied to both soil and concrete floors.
    • Natural grass appearance can be achieved with artificial grass fence covering.
    • Fake grass fencing has a decorative appearance.
    • It does not cause wear and tear over time.
    • Artificial grass fence roll coating has the feature of being reusable. Therefore, it has an economic feature.
    • The frequency of shading is high, so it hides the field of view and creates a privacy area.
    • In addition to being decorative for space separation, it is very effective.
    • Green color is preferred in order to obtain a natural appearance in grass fence panels.
    • Installation is quite simple.
    • It can be easily disassembled and reassembled elsewhere.
    • It is economical with the possibility of being reused.
    • Does not hold dust.
    • There is no maintenance cost.

    One of the most important advantages of artificial grass fence panels is that it does not require irrigation. Natural grass needs to be watered regularly. Even especially during the development phase, a high amount of water is needed. Artificial grass does not require any irrigation or serious maintenance. Thus, it uses less resources and saves money. you will be. It is a great advantage to use these fence models, which can be used almost everywhere thanks to their aesthetic, modern, stylish and decorative appearance, to create security.

    AsHamle Fence grass fence covering service, we are ready to create any kind of grass fence covering in the dimensions you want, in line with your wishes, with our 100% own production. We meet your requests to the extent that you present us with different grass fence ideas. We offer you the grass fence roll process at very economical prices suitable for every budget. We can say that these products with many functions are extremely low cost. Our fence covering process, which we will also call artificial privacy protection, creates a privacy area for you. In this way, you feel more comfortable. It also helps you to meet your security needs. Thanks to the long grass fence, the field of view is hidden and thus you are more comfortable.



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