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  • Grass Fence Roll Installation in Landscape Areas

    Grass fence panels are a product made by covering or combining stainless, non-oxidizing or galvanized panel fence systems with a special PVC synthetic grass. In that way, the structure of the grass fence has become much stronger.

    Grass Fence Features

    The most important feature of the grass fence roll is the security it provides. In addition to this feature, it also provides an appearance which is pleasant and natural. For this reason, many people have started to know and prefer this product as a decorative fence. Wall grass panels which are produced from artificial grass can be used easily for many years without any fading or wear. At this point, a 10-year warranty is offered by almost every company. As the Hamle Fence family, a leading grass fence roll manufacturer at home and abroad, we also offer this warranty.

    With the production of artificial grass, grass fence roll does not cause any cost such as irrigation costs, maintenance costs and other costs. So it is taken once and assembled. Afterwards, it can be used easily for many years without touching it.


    The biggest fear of those who want to buy a grass fence is whether they will bend or break. Here we can say that quality grass fence rolls do not encounter any problems such as bending and breaking in any way. But the company that you have chosen is very important because of quality standards. If you are buying from a place you trust in quality and the seller offers a guarantee in this sense, you can buy it without hesitation. Companies such as Hamle Fence offer you the best grass fence products and grass fence roll installation!

    Grass fence wall comes with many features. One of these features is durability. Any grass fence that is produced in a quality manner and sold with a guarantee will remain durable for a minimum of 10 years, and it will not be possible to fade, warp (except for heavy impact), rust in any way. Of course, if the company you prefer is a company that lacks in quality, it will deteriorate easily.

    Grass fence features are not just about durability. As we have said every time, there are no maintenance and irrigation costs. This ensures that artificial turf, which is more expensive than natural turf in the short term, is much cheaper in the long period. Because when you buy a natural lawn today, there will be a lot of irrigation and maintenance costs in 3 years. But in artificial turf, even if you do not look at it again after purchasing it, there will not be a single expense.

    Grass Fence or Panel Fence?


    Here, the choice is entirely related to the preferences of the owner of the area to be applied. If a more decorative appearance and security is desired, nothing but grass fences should be preferred. However, while choosing this, it should not be overlooked that the price is higher than panel fences. If it is said that decoration is not given much importance, it is enough to provide security and look a little nice, then the panel fence will be a sufficient security product to meet the needs. Since there is no artificial grass flooring, panel fences that will cause the interior to be seen should not be skipped at this point when choosing. But If you ask us, at this point, we always suggest grass fence panels. Because you may take advantage of them for landscape areas, schools, playgrounds, villas, gardens etc. If you are open to grass fence ideas, take advantage of grass fence roll!

    Hamle Fence and Grass Fence Roll Prices

    As with every type of fence, there are many factors that affect the grass fence roll prices. Therefore, what you need to do for price information is to contact us immediately.

    For detailed information about the grass fence roll process and free grass fence roll prices, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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