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  • 5 Important Information About Top Quality Grass Fence Rolls

    Along with the use of grass in every field, innovations began to emerge in the ways of using grass. For example, grass, which has always been used flat, can now be used in rolls and it has become very popular. So are we ready for these new developments and how much do we know about them? Let’s test this on grass fence rolls and talk about artificial grass rolls for sale!

    What are Grass Fence Rolls?

    In our ongoing era, we witness that the cities look more gray than ever. Everyday many new buildings are being constructed. For this reason, people seek even a slight glance of greens. Because of this necessity, the companies have started to find solutions, also. One of these solutions is using grass as much as possible to make people feel better and relaxed. For example, they have started to produce grass fence rolls. They can be used almost anywhere that the fences can be installed. They can be applied to the gardens, terraces, indoor areas that need to be divided, the kid’s playgrounds, schools and many other places.


    It has two main advantages. Firstly, artificial grass fence rolls provide a peaceful place with the power of green. Secondly, it does not let anything be seen from the other side. So it provides a safe place. They have 2 meters of width and 10 meters of length at maximum. If they need to be installed into a bigger area, they can be connected together with wires when they are rolled out. Finally, we may say that artificial grass rolls for sale are very good products for every purpose.

    Did you decide to have quality artificial grass fence rolls in your place? Then, you should have knowledge of five information about top quality grass fence rolls. Let’s have a look together.

    5 Important Information About Grass Fence Rolls

    1- Grass Fence Rolls Cost

    Grass fence rolls cost may change according to the size of the area, the material used in installation, extra details desired by customers and the ground which rolls will be put.

    2- Maintenance

    Grass fence rolls maintenance is quite easy and cheap. Because it is a long-lasting product. It can be used for many years without removing. It is more economical than fences with natural grass.

    3- Easy to Apply

    One of the best features of artificial grass fence rolls is that they can be applied in a short time quickly. If you work with an experienced company and team, it would be better and quicker.

    4- Different Kinds of Colors

    You don’t have to choose the color green all the time. Because the artificial grass sector has developed recently and now companies offer other colours, also.

    5- Durable and Long Lasting Product

    Artificial grass rolls are resistant to sunlight and they aren’t affected by harsh environmental factors. For this reason, they are durable and they can be used for many years without being deformed.

    Features of Artificial Grass Fence Rolls


    If we need to summarize features of artificial grass fence roll, we may list them as follows;

    • They have galvanized knots and reasonable design. They don’t rust.
    • They have a beautiful surface and strong corrosion resistance. For this reason, they are durable.
    • They are simple in structure. It’s easy to apply them.
    • They provide easy maintenance. Because they are long-lasting products and they aren’t deformed easily.
    • They have a short installation period.
    • They aren’t heavy. For this reason, they are easy to transport.
    • They have good ventilation.


    Fence Grass and Artificial Grass Fence Rolls

    We, as one of the artificial grass manufacturers, are here to offer you the best products. As Fence Grass, we examine the place where the installation will be made and then start to plan our process with you. We always consider your budget, demands and preferences. Involving in each of the steps, our experienced team do their diligence at home and abroad.

    We kindly invite you to visit our website. You may access our contact addresses. If you wish you may visit us in our offices and get further information. Stay in touch with us and enjoy the quality and well-prepared products! Here for you!

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