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  • Protect Your Style and Home with Grass Garden Fence!

    Grass garden fence systems, which stand out in landscaping and decoration, provide both a spacious and natural greening with a grass look. In addition to its decorative and natural appearance, it is a maintenance-free work and decorative grasses used in all seasons are easy to clean and portable systems. These innovative products bring many other advantages for users. Grass garden fence is extremely budget-friendly and has a natural and aesthetic appearance as well as modern and decorative at the same time. It can be used indoors and outdoors, wherever a grass look is desired. This product is practical to apply and easy to clean and maintain. In addition to all these features, it can be used comfortably in all seasons as it is resistant to even the most difficult climatic conditions. Moreover, a grass garden fence is cheaper and less costly than natural germination. There are no irrigation and maintenance costs. Due to its resistant structure to heat and cold, it is reliable and healthy with its non-flammable and spill-proof feature.

    Grass garden fence is a decorative application that is used in many areas and preserves its color for years as it is UV protected. Today, it is practically applied in homes and workplaces, especially in parks and gardens, wherever a grass appearance is desired. Site surroundings, parks, gardens, and camellias, around the pool, cafeterias or restaurants, balconies, and terraces, the walls are the most common fields where these products take place. Additionally, villas, the roadside, sports complexes, roof coverings, facade coatings are other usage areas in daily life. Different types can be used in all environments where privacy and security are desired.

    Is Grass Garden Fence Installation a Hard Process?

    Decorative grass garden fence applications, which provide a natural look for those who are bored with the concrete, wood, or iron look, make the space look like grass. The measurements of the place to be applied are taken and it is mounted in a practical way in a short time with appropriate apparatus. It can be used safely for 4 seasons as it is non-flammable and does not spill. Decorative grass garden fence, which can be removed if desired, can also be mounted in another place. Decorative grass, which is extremely economical compared to normal grass, is easy to maintain and practical to clean. It is the choice of those who want natural and comfortable environments, as it is used with the color and quality of the first day for up to 5 years. Grass fences, which are mounted at the desired height, are modern fence systems that are applied to every place according to the need.


    Grass fence, which is produced in different features according to the usage area, is offered for sale in the form of rolls. Grass garden fence costs have different options depending on the brand, model, thickness, height, color, and material structure. As the height, thickness, and quality of the models increase, the prices may increase as well.

    For example, products offered at 150 cm height may have more suitable options compared to 2-meter models. You can obtain a longer-lasting use by choosing the high-quality products offered by many different brands. These systems provide a green appearance in gardens, cafes, restaurants, homes, and workplaces, and are produced by applying PVC coating to stainless galvanized wires. Non-metallic grass fence systems do not catch fire and do not lose their color. Especially for outdoor areas, they are suitable for all climatic conditions and are resistant to high temperature and cold. It is used in all four seasons without losing the color and quality of the first day.

    What Kind of Value Do Grass Garden Fences Add Our Living Spaces?

    Grass garden fences, which are completely far from the iron appearance and have the appearance of natural grass, are applications that add both elegance and value to the space. The decorative grass fence, which offers the peace of green in every way, is an extremely wide and frequently applied system. With its 40×40 mesh size, it completely closes the interior spaces and creates special environments. Since it is UV protected, it protects its color for 5 years outdoors. It has a longer life indoors. Its interior and exterior appearance has the appearance of natural grass and is far from concrete. It is produced from a special PVS with 0 protection against UV rays. Galvanized and PYC coated wires do not look like wires. This innovative product is suitable for any project in desired dimensions. It responds to every demand with its many color options. Grass garden fence is extremely economical compared to natural grass as well as easy to maintain and clean, short-term assembly.


    • The wire is 1.5 mm double-wound and 3 mm thick, hot-dip galvanized.
    • The aperture is 40×40 mm and does not show the interior.
    • On the other hand, its height varies between 50-200 cm.

    Therefore, grass garden fence is applied to places at desired heights. It does not fade, does not deteriorate, does not burn, and does not spill. It can also be used as a panel as it does not require any support element.

    Is There Any Reliable Grass Garden Fence Manufacturer in Europe?

    Decorative grass garden fence, which is an economical, high quality, and reliable application, is applied to every place where a natural grass image is desired. And it is a visual and useful application that changes the air of many places today. Fencegrass, which creates the most beautiful grass-looking spaces, is preferred for greening because this grass garden fence manufacturer offers an economical and practical option for its clients. From manufacturing to installation and afterward maintenance care processes, this experienced company provides top-quality services to users. This company embraces domestic manufacturing methods and prefer using machines that work with the latest technology and exports diverse products to the USA, the UK, Kosovo, Serbia, Portugal, France, Italy. Therefore, you are able to find the highest quality products at very affordable costs. You can provide desired privacy with the help of grass garden fence systems.





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