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  • 3 Usage Areas of Grass Wall Panels

    Grass wall panels are a type of grass fence that is frequently preferred today with its decorative, durable and robust structure. The product, which is a combination of grass and fence, is known as grass fence or grass wall. The product, which is produced from artificial grass, creates decorative grass fence partitions in the interior and exterior parts of alternative spaces, giving the structure a different appearance. Made of special PVC material, grass wall panels are applied on stainless wire.

    Grass Wall Panels Features

    Due to its artificial structure, we can define it as a grass fence system that does not fade, does not burn, does not spill and does not deteriorate. With many advantages it offers to the customers, grass wall panels have been used mostly in recent years.

    Grass wall panels are obtained with UV protected PVC fringed in the form of grass of 1.5 mm thick double wrapped wires. With a density of 1.5 g/cm³, a breaking elongation of 5 to 8%, an impact resistance of 10 to 30, a maximum operating temperature of 60 degrees Celsius in long-term operations and 80 degrees Celsius in short-term operations, PVC is the main material of grass wall panels.  Grass wall panels are used through decorative grass coating systems as a durable, light, fire resistant, long-lasting, economical and environmentally friendly material. Considering the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, which is called the carbon footprint, it is seen that grass wall panel is an environmentally friendly product. This is an issue that needs to be paid attention to. Because carbon emitted into the atmosphere negatively affects human health and is one of the factors that threaten a livable world.

    Grass Wall Panels Installation


    Grass fence, which is in a product group that attracts attention with its non-flammable, non-fading, non-deteriorating, non-shedding, washable and paint-proof structure, can be applied as panels in areas where there is no supporting element, while it can also be applied to wire mesh, wall surface, between poles as a supporting element. While a grass fence is applied to the areas where the supporting element is present, the grass fence covering material produced in rolls of 10 meters is mounted on the supporting element with appropriate apparatus. This portable application provides the user with the convenience of removing lawn coverings whenever he wants. Grass wall panels are sometimes used as grass fences and sometimes as grass walls. The product offers the opportunity to change the perception of life in the places.

    Grass Wall Panels Usage Areas

    Artificial grass wall panels can be used in many areas with its durability and aesthetic appearance. Grass fence, which is easily preferred especially outdoors, can be applied as a roll between an existing wire mesh, wall surface, and poles.

    As a product that can create a natural grass perception in individuals, grass fence systems are mainly used in sports fields, playgrounds, terraces, gardens, pool surrounds, cafeterias and restaurants, landscaping of sites and villas, roadsides. This product, which can be used in many unimaginable areas, is also a decoration element that the service sector cannot avoid, especially since they want to make their customers feel the peace created by green on the individual and to be the places preferred by customers who want to experience this peace.

    Grass Wall Panels Popular Usage Areas

    We may list the usage areas where grass wall panel applications made as follows;

    • Parks and gardens,
    • Roadsides,
    • Sites,
    • Villas and their surroundings,
    • Industrial zones,
    • Land,
    • Landscaping,
    • Sports complexes,
    • Pool facades.

    Grass Wall Panels Usage Purposes

    Artificial grass panels are mainly used for 3 purposes: indoor, outdoor and decoration.

    1.   Indoor


    With the development of technology, marketing has also come to the fore. Therefore, indoor workplaces also try to attract the attention of their customers. Therefore, grass wall panels are often preferred for indoor decoration.

    2.   Outdoor

    The places where artificial grass panels are used most are generally outdoor places. Artificial grass wall panels outdoor can often be used in places such as the doors of schools and garbage containers.

    3.   Decoration

    Grass wall panels are also used to create a lush and natural atmosphere to the living area or an open space. This advantage has made these panels very popular in recent years because of Covid-19. People who had to live in their own areas fulfilled their longing for nature in this way.

    Hamle Fence and Grass Wall Panels

    As Hamle Fence, one of the leading grass wall panel suppliers, at home and abroad, we also produce and install quality fake grass wall panels for our customers.  If you want to work with us, you can fill out the form below for detailed information and free artificial grass wall panels cost information. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


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