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  • How Do You Build a Grass Wall?

    Grass fence panels are made by covering or combining stainless, non-oxidized, or galvanized panel fence systems with special PVC fake grass wall. Therefore, with a system applied in this way, the structure becomes very durable and robust. The grass fence panel is resistant to burning, fading, or other different wear.

    Grass walls; it is created by mounting grass fence rolls to the walls. It can be used easily in many areas such as site and building gardens, building facades, terrace railings, interior decoration, hobby gardens, cafes, independent areas planned to be built, building projects, poolsides. It is not affected by the harmful UV rays of the sun and is easy to clean. The panel can be applied practically on the fence and can be used anywhere to offer a natural look.

    Is Grass Wall Affected By Adverse Weather Conditions?

    In the rain, sun, wind, and all kinds of adverse weather conditions, the fake grass wall provides the opportunity to use it without any problems. At the same time, the product prevents problems such as fire after contact with fire. Since it is a product with a tightly woven structure, various animals are prevented from entering the interior.

    In addition, since the installation of the product is straightforward and fast, it is ensured that the planned result is achieved as soon as possible. The grass wall is made of galvanized wire. It also has a non-corrosive quality and has passed many tests. It provides a visually aesthetic appearance compared to standard wire. In addition, it also enables higher security measures to be taken.

    In Which Areas Is Grass Wall Used?

    Grass wall providing a visually aesthetic appearance are also used in areas where high-security requirements are needed. It makes many places such as garages, warehouses, panels, flowerpots, and flowerpots look more impressive to prevent visual pollution caused by garbage cans.

    It is installed on the outer walls of the buildings, poolside, in the gardens of the people living in the site and villas, ensuring security and privacy protection. In addition, it is possible to use it in balustrades, terraces, balconies, interior decoration, cafes, gazebos, around sports areas, and in many areas that will be made independent and in places similar to such structures.

    Grass Wall Mounting Process

    The assembly process of the grass wall is carried out by people who are equipped in the field, have sufficient qualifications and the ability to combine the necessary materials. Thus, they complete the assembly process in a short time and make it ready for use. In technical terms, it should be well known on which ground the building should be laid. This detail will not be overlooked, as it is easier to work with concrete floors than earthen floors. Subsequently, the assembly team will calculate the scope of the fence in the area.

    What are the Points to Consider in the Assembly Process?

    The team will dig holes at equal intervals, and panels are placed in these pits. The next step after the panel is placed to cover the pit with concrete. Necessary actions are taken to ensure that the area has a more durable structure. With the strong protection and various functions it provides, the preparation of the grass walls for use continues. Details such as the length of the installed panel are calculated with the necessary measurements. With these measurements, it is possible to create a fully protected structure. At the same time, the quality function of the fence will be displayed more clearly. Another factor to be calculated when assembling the fence is setting the separation of the panels at equal intervals.

    How is the Assembly Process Performed with the Right Techniques?

    It is an important point in the installation and assembly process offenses of the same length. When the tension adjustment of the barbed wire is not made correctly, negative situations such as falling and rupture may occur. The process is ended by fixing the fence to the panel. Using the right techniques and using quality materials during the assembly are among the factors that extend the durability of the wall fence.

    Grass wall, which is also suitable for providing a grass appearance from a decorative point of view, can be applied very quickly. Since it provides an easy application, the planned image is obtained quickly with the grass wall. In addition to providing long-lasting use, it is also visually aesthetic.

    Giving An Aesthetic Appearance and Preferred Reasons For Security

    Grass walls can be used in any area you want to have an aesthetic appearance. It is also a highly preferred system for covering walls and private areas. Grass walls are made of special PVC that can increase its ability to withstand sunlight. Most of the treated galvanized wires are made of dense wires. It is a modern design to provide decorative and security that can be applied on a wall, fence, wire mesh, or an installed framework without difficulty.

    A grass wall can be applied to the panel without difficulty. In this way, a natural appearance is provided in the preferred area. Grass walls are used a lot around facilities such as astroturf, basketball courts, and tennis courts. When viewed from the outside, areas such as ventilation ducts and pipes that do not present an aesthetic appearance are also camouflaged, preventing visual pollution.

    Advantages of Grass Wall

    Since it is mostly preferred in green color, it brings freshness to the environment used. Grass wall is easy to use and has a high visual impact. It helps to reduce noise and dust from outside. In addition to providing security, it is also applied to many areas as grass wall decor. It helps the privacy of private life by ensuring that it is not seen by other people in the area used.

    Since it can be applied to existing fences and walls, it can eliminate old or deformed views. Grass wall provides a modern look by providing a practical and economical solution for private life and security needs. It has an easy setup and editing function. Besides, it can isolate the suitably sized area from the outside environment. It can withstand adverse environmental conditions while creating a sense of outdoor security. It protects from external threats by reducing noise and dust.

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