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  • Indoor and Outdoor Design with Green Grass Wall

    Although the green grass wall differs according to its usage areas, its first use is to create a border between two spaces. It both protects your space and gives it a decorative appearance. In this regard, our company realizes your dreams by creating fake grass walls indoors and outdoors according to your taste and purpose of use. Sometimes we give your space such a visuality with surprising ideas that it will attract the attention of everyone in that atmosphere.

    Green Grass Wall Features

    Although green grass walls vary according to the place to be used, they have PVC synthetic grass in the solution. It is rustproof as it is covered with galvanized grass fences. The synthetic grass on it does not burn and is not affected by the harmful rays of the sun. In addition, we can say that it is cleaned very easily without the use of chemicals.


    • Our company produces cheap grass wall that appeals to every budget.
    • We make the installation of grass wall panels very easy.
    • Our grass wall systems are made of highly durable PVC material.
    • Our grass walls are formed by sandwiching between two galvanized wires.
    • Our artificial fence roll used on it is a maximum of 10 meters.
    • These wall panels are approximately 4-5 cm thick.
    • Our products are guaranteed for at least 8 years, they are fireproof and resistant to impacts.
    • The harmful UV rays of the sun cannot pass through.
    • Grass walls are ideal for protection from dust, sun and wind.

    Green Grass Wall Usage Areas

    You can benefit from green grass walls in any area where you want to get a grass image. In addition to hiding privacy, drawing borders, and preventing dust and pests, green grass walls are preferred for decorative purposes and to prevent bad views in places such as schools, gardens, and cafes. In summary, the purpose of use differs according to the place.

    • To close the perimeter of schools or sports facilities,
    • To ensure privacy in farms and vineyards,
    • To block the view in pools,
    • To prevent wind and view in military areas, businesses, and law enforcement areas,
    • To create the borders of kindergarten gardens and block the view inside,
    • To prevent pests in country gardens and to create a decorative image,
    • While green grass wall panels decorated with flowers are used for decorative purposes on the balconies or terraces of houses or offices,
    • It is used to separate the boundaries of the interior spaces of the hotels and to create visuality.

    Whatever the purpose, you can rest your soul by looking at the green, thanks to the green grass walls made especially for decoration. Thanks to the green grass wall decor, you can change the bad image and make your place more attractive. Our company can help you in this regard, by providing the installation of green grass walls quickly, it can create a pleasant perception in your space.


    Artificial grass wall decor ideas are often used indoors as well as outdoors. It is frequently used for dividing the space, especially for decorative purposes, on the terraces of your office, on the balcony of your home, in your cafes and restaurants, and in the interiors of the school or hospital. You can make very beautiful and eye-catching decorations by adding artificial flowers on the green grass walls, you can add a stylish atmosphere to your place.

    The usage area of wall grass has increased in all places where we want to see green. Some city municipalities cover the sidewalls of the underpasses and even the garbage containers with wall grass to hide the appearance of concrete, making the city beautiful. If you have different thoughts, you can benefit from the wall grass in all places you want.

    Green Grass Wall Manufacturer

    Our products do not require any maintenance, they are extremely durable and economical. In addition, our grass wall outdoor panels are quality products that have passed compliance tests. They are new-generation products that are waterproof, environmentally friendly, and suitable for all seasons. Since the production of these products has many differences from artificial grass, they are new-generation products. The green grass used here cannot be used on any ground as it is specially designed for wall panels. Green grass walls are very easy to install and use.

    As a green grass wall manufacturer, you can be sure that we can give you all kinds of support. If you want to install quality and cheap grass walls, you can contact our company and visit our website.

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