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  • Synthetic Grass Fence Usage Areas

    Being used for the first time in Houston USA in the 1960s, the aim of synthetic grass fence is to provide the natural turf experience at a more affordable cost. With the new technologies developed in recent years, the performance results obtained from synthetic grass fence have become even better than natural grass fences. With the tests applied in the current period, synthetic grass fence has surpassed natural grass fences in terms of cost and ease of use.

    As Fence Grass, a leading synthetic grass fence manufacturer at home and abroad, we are ready to offer you the best grass fence ideas.  We have been working on artificial grass fence panels for many years and now we know what kind of grass fence you need.

    Advantages of Synthetic Grass Fence

    – Time

    One of the most important features of grass fence panels is that they are much more profitable than natural turf in terms of time. While natural turf fences are installed, there are many steps that you should wait to have a proper fence. Unlike natural turf fences, grass fence panels are easy to install and they can be used immediately after their installation.

    – Cost

    Although the initial installation cost of synthetic turf panels is higher than that of natural turf panels, its annual maintenance costs make fake grass fence extremely profitable. Because there is no need for high maintenance costs for artificial grass fence. Additionally, it can be used for many years without wearing or fading.

    As a result, there are no expensive and long-lasting maintenance costs like natural grass fence, which return to the investor as a profit in a short period of time.

    – Security and Performance


    As synthetic grass fence doesn’t wear easily, it provides long-lasting security and performance. It always protects you against the dangers outside, as there is no deterioration even in difficult weather conditions. It always prevents the inside from being seen from the outside.

    – Weather Endurance

    Synthetic turf is UV protected. Moreover, it is extremely resistant harsh weather conditions.

    – Environmentally- friendly

    There is no need for irrigation, spraying and fertilization. Thus, you save around 30 tons of water per year against natural grass fence.

    The Usage Areas of Synthetic Grass Fence

    The usage area of ​​synthetic grass fence is quite wide. It can be produced in different shapes according to different usage areas. The most used areas of synthetic grass fence may be listed as follows;

    – Garden Landscape

    One of the most important parts of the garden landscape is undoubtedly a green ground. Having a green area in the garden is very important in terms of creating a feeling of being in touch with nature. For this reason, it is possible to capture an aesthetic and natural image by using natural or artificial grass fence covering in most gardens. Those who do not want to deal with natural grass care and those who know that artificial grass fence is easier to use and maintain, prefer artificial grass fence for their gardens.

    – Cafes and Restaurants


    Synthetic grass fence is often preferred in areas such as cafes and restaurant gardens due to its aesthetic stance as well as giving the garden a natural look.

    – Balconies and Terraces

    Those who want to capture a natural and comfortable image in balcony and terrace decoration also prefer artificial grass fence. The fence, which changes the atmosphere of the balcony or terrace and is aesthetically pleasing, is an important part of the balcony decoration.

    – Poolside

    Pool sides are also one of the areas where artificial turf fence is frequently used. Because it provides security, also. Artificial turf fence produced for decorative purposes is suitable for these areas.

    – Children’s Playgrounds

    Synthetic grass fence is used in many playgrounds due to its natural grass appearance and maintenance-free structure. Additionally, it provides security for your children.

    Fence Grass and Synthetic Grass Fence

    Are you looking for a reliable synthetic grass fence manufacturer? Or do you wonder if there is a quality grass fence around your region? Then, the answer is yes! Because we as Fence Grass is one of the leading synthetic grass fence manufacturers in the UK and other regions of it. If you want to get information about grass fence and other details, you may contact us whenever you want. Let’s meet and get service from one of the leading synthetic grass fence manufacturers in the UK!

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