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  • Wall Grass Application Areas

    With the wall grass system, you can give your environment a natural look and have a peaceful time with your family in this area. The fact that it is very easy to maintain and install also makes these areas very easy to clean. This product, which provides ease of use, can be produced for every taste.

    As Fence Grass, we offer you this product by guaranteeing to be with you in every field from purchasing to installation. We produce cheap wall grass without sacrificing quality. You can contact us to get free special price information for you.

    In this article, the usage areas of artificial grass panels, the points to be considered in the application of wall grass and the advantages of using a grass wall will be discussed. Continue reading the article to get this information. You can contact us with any question you want to ask.

    What Are the Wall Grass Usage Areas?

    In this part of the article, we will talk about the usage areas of wall grass. Wall lawns find use in many areas. It is preferred to be used in different areas for different purposes. Wall grass is used in many areas, whether for security and privacy purposes or for landscaping purposes.


    It is possible to list the usage areas of wall grass as follows;

    • Around the carpet pitches
    • Site circles
    • For landscaping in kindergartens
    • Terrace walls
    • Balconies
    • Restaurants and cafes

    Wall grass find use in this and many more areas. As you can see, there are grass wall outdoor or grass wall indoor applications.

    What Are the Points to Be Considered in The Application of Wall Grass?

    Wall grass is fairly simple to install. At this stage, you can get help from the company you bought it from, or you can do it yourself. However, not every company has an assembly service. For this reason, you should pay attention to whether the company you are going to buy provides this service or not. As a Fence Grass company, it is our main vision to help you at every stage.

    We can list the points to be considered in the installation of artificial wall grass as follows;

    • The most important point to be considered when applying wall grass is that the wire mesh to be mounted is solid. Iron poles can also be used instead of wire mesh.
    • Another thing to consider during the assembly phase is that the ground on which the skeleton is placed must be flat and solid.
    • Wall lawn is possible to mount on the wall. But if you want it to be more robust, it should be applied on garden fences.

    What are the Advantages of Using Wall Grass?

    artificial-grass-wall -decor

    Fake grass wall indoor or fake grass wall outdoor applications are possible. There are many advantages to using indoor or outdoor grass wall.

    Fake grass walls are very economical compared to natural grass. Natural lawns need a lot of care. Such as watering and pruning. However, there will be no need for any irrigation or pruning on artificial turf walls. Since it is an environmentally friendly product, it does not harm the nature.

    Makes it comfortable in your living spaces. Because the grass wall will prevent you from being seen from the outside. At the same time, houses with gardens will prevent security problems. Color does not fade and provides many years of use. It is very easy to clean and maintain. It is heat resistant and fireproof.

    As you can see, artificial grass walls have many advantages over natural grass. By producing products suitable for all these conditions, we, as Fence Grass, took our place among the most known and reliable companies in the world.

    Welcome to contact us for artificial wall grass panel and grass wall panels cheap. By examining our website, you can ask any question you want about the services we have provided and the products we have produced. For more or more about what’s covered in this article, simply fill out the form below to get free pricing information. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

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